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ビジネス能力認定 サーティファイ




About PJC

Features of the Exam

■Measures and evaluates the level of "business conversation” Japanese, required by employers, using a 10-rank system

The test is designed to help non-native speakers of Japanese expand their employment opportunities and expand their ability to carry out work tasks using Japanese by assessing their level of understanding in such areas as business etiquette, ability to converse with superiors and work colleagues, customer service ability, and more.

■Focuses on the "Japanese language ability" and "communication ability" required by employers of foreign employees

The first- and second-ranked qualities sought by employers hiring foreign international students, both in the sciences and humanities, are "Japanese language ability" and "communication ability."




■Measuring the practical communication ability required for Japanese-language interaction

Certify has been offering a communication test aimed at Japanese candidates for over 10 years since 2003. Based on our track record and expertise gained from analyzing test results, we have now established a communication test intended for non-native speakers of Japanese. To give an example, in some situations it may be appropriate to use the phrase “Excuse me," while in other situations it may not. One feature of the Practical Japanese Communication Exam is its inclusion of problems that test whether students are able to understand such subtle differences.

■Measuring naturalness of conversation, ability to adapt to situations, ability to adjust to others, and Japanese cultural understanding

The exam contains no problems that measure only grammar or reading/writing of kanji characters. Exam questions are based on considerations such as appropriateness of wording, appropriateness of topic, and appropriateness of setting distance with other parties in the flow of conversational expression.

Effect of acquiring PJC certification

●Objectively demonstrates "business conversation” Japanese language ability

Measures and evaluates the applicant’s level of "business conversation” Japanese, which is in strong demand among employers, and objectively demonstrates the Japanese language ability required for business purposes.

●This qualification conveys a powerful advantage when seeking employment

With the level of PJC certification acquired, when seeking a position applicants can appeal to prospective employers in regard to their Japanese language ability and their level of understanding of business practices at Japanese companies.

●Higher levels of trust in business

The PJC contains test problems on a wide range of hypothetical business situations at Japanese companies, including telephone support, handling customer complaints, company visits, and more. Thus, the PJC evaluation level can be taken as an indicator of the applicant’s Japanese language skills necessary for business without any extra training.

■Main candidates for test

Non-Japanese international students of graduate schools, universities, and vocational schools "To indicate current knowledge of business Japanese for non-Japanese international students looking to find employment in Japan: Examples of use: Determining class placement for business Japanese courses, demonstrating skills to employers when job hunting"
Non-Japanese company employees "To indicate level of Japanese language ability and measure the effectiveness of Japanese language training when hiring international (non-Japanese) human resources Examples of use: Entrance exams, end-of-training tests"


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