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Scope of Questions

Question items Question Items Number of Questions Details
Part 1.
Vocabulary & expressions
(40 minutes)
Kanji & vocabulary 1 Kanji 3 Select the appropriate kanji word written in hiragana
2 Grammar of Conversation 4 Select the appropriate sentence for the flow of the conversation.
3 Rewording statements 3 Select words and expressions with similar meanings to the words and expressions presented in the text.
4 Grammar in sentence 2 Select the appropriate sentence where the grammatical form matches the content of the statement.
Grammar 1 5 Honorific language 4 Select the appropriate honorific expression in these scenes of conversation with more senior people.
Grammar 2 6 Conversation 8 Select the most appropriate remark for short conversational statements exchanged between multiple people.
Responding to situations 7 Situational comprehension 5 Select the most appropriate answer as a response to challenges arising in various everyday situations.
Reading comprehension 8 Content comprehension
6 Select the most appropriate answer to these questions about the content of written instructions, advertising, manuals, public broadcasting, office documents, and more.
Part 2.
(20 minutes)
Conversation 1 1 Conversation comprehension 5 Listen to a short conversation between two people, and select the most appropriate option regarding the conversation.
Conversation 2 2 Spoken expression 4 While looking at the illustrations, listen to the questions and select the most appropriate response.
Conversation 3 3 Spoken expression & immediate response 6 Listen to the questions and select the most appropriate response.


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